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“For my next trick….” – ‘Magician’ Wenger must turn this squad into a team

This piece is courtesy of the excellent Wenger Boy, who can often be found posting similar ramblings on Arsenal Vision; enjoy. Good day Goonerists of the world. How are we doing today? Personally, I’m feeling completely confused. I think I’m meant to feel happy after the window but I was so pissed off at one … Continue reading


Welcome to Arsenal, plethora of players

Well, that was exciting wasn’t it?! After the rapid purchases of messrs Park Chu-Young, Andre Santos and Per Mertesacker, we still needed at least one creative player. As the day progressed, we seemed to be running out of options. Rumours surfaced before being swiftly denied, and it looked as if time was slipping away. Yossi … Continue reading


Relief, happiness and a bit of excitement

I’ve not posted for a few days, mainly because I’ve been disillusioned and fairly uninspired with what’s been going on at the club of late. Last night, that all changed. Finally, a performance that we could be proud of. Not spectacular by any means, but a hard-fought win when it mattered. I’d like to think … Continue reading


A quick message

This is a pretty important game. We’ve lost some good players, including our captain. However, we have a new captain, and we have some new players. So, how about, instead of letting their first experience of the Emirates being animosity and negativity, we show them an atmosphere to be proud of?


Aidan Gibson: Udinese review, Liverpool preview

Sadly, last weekend’s match against Newcastle didn’t go at all like I expected. Instead of having a go at a somewhat weakened Arsenal, Newcastle stuck to the proven formula of how to frustrate Arsenal, by sitting deep and narrow, and making Arsenal use the wide areas. Arsenal, however, still could’ve won the match if their … Continue reading


Newcastle, Cesc, Udinese and more

Apologies for my lack of posts recently – your ‘make-up present’ is a post split into four; basically the four things I would have written about in each post that never came… (if that makes sense) Newcastle Despite our solidity at the back, it was a very worrying performance. Once again we struggled going forward, failing … Continue reading


Aidan Gibson: Newcastle vs Arsenal preview

With all of the Cesc Fabregas transfer drama, Arsenal’s opening match tomorrow against Newcastle is flying under the radar, especially when the media just want to ask Arsene Wenger about Fabregas and Samir Nasri. With both unavailable, (Nasri is “sick”, Fabregas not “match fit”), and no replacements having come in yet, it will be a … Continue reading


My Perfect Player #22

Here we are then – the final edition of ‘My Perfect Player’. It’s been a bumpy ride, thanks to those who have tuned in. The final writer is Vampy Archer, a German football fan, and as such, his is a Deutsch version. You can find Vampy on Twitter here, and posting on Football Stryder & … Continue reading

ox in the box

Welcome to Arsenal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

GET IN THERE, A SIGNING!!!!! Glad we’ve got that out of the way, and now, on with today’s post. Ah, to hell with it. YAAAAYYYY! Okay, I’m done. Promise. Obviously positionally he may not be the signing we all want but this deal doesn’t mean we can’t still sign a centre back, and to be … Continue reading


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